Snacks, Pastries & Weekend fun

O’ Café and Bar at Osel operates as a café during the day and as night falls, the space transforms into a vibrant bar, featuring live music events with performances from local bands and DJs. Our trained bartenders craft unique cocktails using locally sourced ingredients and alcohol, ensuring each drink captures the essence of Bhutan. O’ Café and Bar is an ideal venue for a variety of events, including birthday parties, baby showers, and wedding anniversaries, ensuring memorable celebrations for all occasions.

The Food & Drink

Indulge in the unique culinary delights at O’ Café, where every dish is crafted to perfection. Enjoy a blend of Bhutanese and international flavors, from fresh breakfasts and gourmet lunches to exquisite desserts and artisanal cocktails. Each meal at O’ Café is a special treat for your taste buds!

The Pastries & Coffee

Don’t miss out on our exquisite desserts, perfectly paired with our selection of fine teas and coffee. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a gourmet meal, O’ Café promises a dining experience that’s both delightful and memorable.